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Everyone in renewable energy needs to be able to see the available workforce today, understanding their skills for what you will need tomorrow.

By using Bhivelive, recruiting becomes you, hiring the worker, who are the right fit every time, eliminating the vast skills gap in renewables, and enabling rapid deployment to your project locations. Create more agile workforce plans with us that can adapt to your changing business requirements and project priorities, deciding when to mobilise new roles, making best use of your resource allocation.

Experience hiring solutions to fit your company with efficiency gains, quality of hires and better experiences for both internal and external candidates. With over a 50% reduction in hire times, improved retention rates and a total reduction in hire costs Bhivelive is transforming the renewables recruitment sector. Enter the Hive today.

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Why Use BHiveLive

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Currently across the global energy sectors it’s an evolution of the workforce. Bhivelive’s available blue and white collar workers throughout all the global energy sectors are waiting for you, with the ability to showcase talent with cross sector skills, unifying your workflows and giving you a connected HR ecosystem. Hiring in any energy sector with Bhivelive improves Diversity & Equity with a purely skills-based approach to talent acquisition, opening the door to a fairer and more equitable practices across the sectors. By prioritizing skills in any energy sector, Bhivelive talent acquisitions enable faster growth for companies as it shortens project deadlines.

  • Wind
  • Solar
  • Energy Storage
  • Green hydrogen
  • Biomass
  • Hydro
  • Oil & Gas
  • Transmission & distribution

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Our sectors

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A new era in energy

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These experiences matter to everyone involved in the renewables sectors and were buzzing about your future.

With an ever-increasing global renewable energy talent requirement, the impact of Bhivelive not only saves time and money for your company, but in doing so is cutting the carbon footprint of your company’s HR and operations departments.

We are pleased to be able to give your company and workforce a recruiting solution that’s saving on average over 15hrs a week for just one recruiter sat in front of a computer and freeing up more time for the O&M departments. Building better hires and better careers with one click contracts is our global aim.

That’s the Bhivelive experience.